L’era prossima ventura dei curatori.

L’immaginifico (e immaginario?) curatore-trafficante-toreador Jean-Philippe Obu-Stevenson ha gentilmente concesso in anteprime a Frieze [no. 149 – September 2012, p. 14] un estratto dalle sue memorie di prossima pubblicazione:

It is my belief that only curators can fully comprehend the true complexity of the world, and that artists and critics are but the cannon fodder in our battle for cultural and, ultimately, global supremacy. The truth is that all problems faced by the world can be solved by exhibitions. One day, in the not-too-distant future, poverty will be eradicated by a carefully curated set of collateral events – film programmes, talks, performances, etc. Peace and trans-cultural understanding will be achieved through a deeper reading of dense and grammatically impenetrable wall texts. Racial and sexual equality will be realized through newly commissioned contextualizing essays published in a full colour catalogue designed by an up-and-coming young Swiss design duo.

Starvation will be a thing of the past, thanks to plentiful post-private view dinners and press preview breakfasts. Once again, curators and their celebrity friends will be able to travel thousands of miles by air to idyllic Greek islands for private conferences and not feel any guilt about environmental damage, because a specially commissioned artist (say, Liam Gillick or Olafur Eliasson, but probably James Franco) will have discovered a clean and sustainable fuel source. And I will take my rightful place as Imperial President and Beautiful Eternal Ruler of the World and …

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