She seems to have an invisible touch – uhm.

Invisible Touch dei Genesis è tra le canzoni più ascoltate nella mia playlist ‘Guilty pleasures’ su Spotify — rigorosamente in sessione privata, anche se per averlo ammesso pubblicamente ora dovrò toglierla da quell’elenco di piaceri privati. A pensarci bene, Invisible Touch è anche l’unica canzone dei Genesis che riesca a sopportare: essendo una canzone di quelle che i fan dei Genesis considerano tra le più colpevoli dello sputtanamento del gruppo, se ne deduce quale sia la mia opinione sul resto della loro produzione.

Phil Collins e Mike Rutherford, che dei Genesis furono il batterista (e poi, con l’abbandono di Peter Gabriel, anche il cantante) e il chitarrista, raccontano al Guardian come nacque il brano. Inizia Collins:

One day Mike Rutherford played a riff on the guitar, with an echo, and I suddenly sang: “She seems to have an invisible touch – yeah!” It came in to my head fully formed. I’m sure people have all kinds of ideas about how we wrote these songs they love or loathe, but really our writing process was close to jazz. We improvised. We weren’t afraid to make lousy noises. We knew each other well: if I started singing crap, no one would say, “What the hell are you doing?” Still, there was a good percentage of crap. I wrote the lyrics about a person – and I’ve known a few – who gets under your skin. You know they’re going to mess you up, but you can’t resist. We didn’t know the song would be a hit. It was just a case of thinking: “Well, I like this, lots of other people might.” I can hear something of Prince and Sheila E in the drum machine – I was a fan of both.

Rutherford commenta il videoclip che ne fu tratto:

We never took our music videos too seriously. I think the public saw us as a bit serious, so we liked to surprise them. Phil would come up with some kind of comic character. The shoot for Invisible Touch was in a huge old grain store by the Thames. In one frame, you can see us rolling around in what looks like a big silver cotton reel.

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