Scrivere le biografie.

Ammesso e non concesso che un giorno sui quotidiani italiani ci sarà un articolo dedicato a Jim O’Rourke, lascio ai posteri un buon modello di biografia presa da un articolo del Guardian — valevole per chiunque, non solo per O’Rourke. Mi serve per sottolineare come si scrivono le biografie brevi negli articoli di giornale, soprattutto avendo in mente che il lettore potrebbe non sapere nulla di chi si sta parlando:

As musical polymaths go, Jim O’Rourke makes Damon Albarn look slack. Straddling the indie and experimental scenes like a cardigan-clad colossus, O’Rourke has played guitar with Sonic Youth, collaborated with avant garde titans Derek Bailey and Merzbow, produced a Grammy award-winning Wilco album, improvised a film score for Werner Herzog, had his own short films shown at the Whitney Biennial and, as music consultant for School Of Rock, taught a bunch of child actors how to shred like AC/DC.

Since leaving Chicago post-rockers Gastr Del Sol in 1998, he’s explored American primitivist guitar (Bad Timing), glitchy electronica (I’m Happy And I’m Singing And A 1,2,3,4) and playfully zonked improv (as one-third of Fenn O’Berg), each new project seemingly intended to confound fans of the previous one. He even found time to join Sonic Youth for four years, while resisting an easy payday by turning down the opportunity to produce A-ha and the Rolling Stones.