Guardare ‘Lo squalo’, da adulti.

lo squalo

Per il critico cinematografico Nicholas Barber, Lo squalo di Steven Spielberg è una commedia:

When you watch Jaws as a grown-up, in 2015, you may well find yourself marvelling at its quotable dialogue, smiling at the uniformly fine performances, humming along to John Williams’ theme music and applauding Spielberg’s genius at suggesting the shark without showing it. But chances are you won’t be frightened. That’s not to say that you won’t be tense while you’re waiting for the next sighting of a dorsal fin, or that you won’t jump a few millimetres when that ominous black triangle glides into view. But, speaking as one of the most easily-spooked and squeamish cinema-goers alive, even I can see why the ratings board of the Motion Picture Association of America gave Jaws a PG rating, allowing young children to see it, rather than the more restrictive R. Today, the film is more likely to prompt squeals of delight than screams of terror. If anything, Jaws now works better as a comedy than as a horror movie. Actually, it works better as two comedies, one after the other. The first is about a big-city cop in an eccentric island community – a fish-out-of-water comedy, in other words. The second is about three mismatched buddies messing about on a boat.