Hell bent for leather.


Partendo dai dati diffusi da Spotify che indicano l’heavy metal come il genere con i fans più fedeli, Pitchfork fa un’analisi semi-seria per spiegare le analogie tra l’heavy metal e il pop e perché, nonostante o forse proprio per la brufolosità che si accompagna al genere, ci sia bisogno di una critica che lo elevi a musica ‘adulta’:

As much as metal and pop portray themselves as mortal enemies, they are much closer than any devotee would be comfortable to admit. Both genres thrive on spectacle and suspension of disbelief. A kid may be disaffected and invisible during the school day, but when he or she throws on a Ghost, Slipknot, or Machine Head record, they are the most powerful person in the world. A great riff or a face-melting solo hits the same pleasure center as a Max Martin-penned Katy Perry earworm.
When metal was, briefly, the predominant form of mainstream rock’n’roll 30 years ago, it eventually became so watered down and faceless that it turned off an entire generation of kids. Metal and hard rock is just as diverse and interesting as pop music in 2015. Six Feet Under, Rest Among Ruins, Faith No More, and Napalm Death have all released exemplary records. There is nothing faceless about Deafheaven’s wall of noise. Later this year, Slayer will release a new record encased in an actual metal eagle, and the Biters will remind us that Suzi Quatro haircuts are still a fantastic look. Unfortunately, the image of Warrant in matching white leather outfits (or those years when everyone was feeling Korn and rocking a braided goatee) is difficult to rinse from one’s mind.

While the defenders of the faith often beat their chest and proudly proclaim their outsider status, the lack of critical respect often stings a bit. There is no other way to explain the annual uproar over Judas Priest being snubbed for the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. The remedy: The media needs to step and embrace their hesher past. Because deep down inside, in the darkest depths of our souls, at some point every single one of us has loudly proclaimed that metal rules and all that punk shit sucks, anyhow.