Riviste patinate, una definizione.

Su cosa sia una rivista di carta (patinata) secondo Jake Silverstein, appena nominato direttore del New York Times Magazine:

It’s the unique combination of timeliness and timelessness. Magazines have to be relevant and informative to the moment in which they’re introduced; but when they’re working really well, they’re also able to stay relevant long after the sell-by date. The stories don’t just inform, they illuminate, delight, transcend. Few other media have that particular combination of perishability and permanence, and it can be a thing of real beauty.

E ancora:

I want every issue of the magazine to be memorable, something to savor, and high quality writing, whether it’s long or short, is the best way to do that. The magazine should strive to publish the literature of fact. But this doesn’t mean that we won’t be doing investigative reporting, political reporting, stories about criminal justice, the environment, and stories that make or break news as well.