Le perfette simmetrie di Wes Anderson

Kogonada, video-artist famoso per le sue ricerche sulle tecniche di ripresa e montaggio di celebri registi, ha realizzato questo mini-documentario sull’utilizzo delle simmetrie nei film di Wes Anderson.

Presentandolo su Open Culture, Jonathan Crow scrive

As you can see from the video above, Anderson loves to compose his shots with perfect symmetry. From his breakout hit Rushmore, to his stop-motion animated movie The Fantastic Mr. Fox, to his most recent movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, Anderson consistently organizes the elements in his frame so that the most important thing is smack in the middle.

Directors are taught in film school to avoid symmetry as it feels stagey. An asymmetrically framed shot has a natural visual dynamism to it. It also makes for a more seamless edit to the next shot, especially if that shot is another asymmetrically framed shot. But if you’ve watched anything by Anderson, you know that seeming stagey has never been one of his concerns. Instead, Anderson has developed his own quirky, immediately identifiable visual style.