Jeff Tweedy sulla fine del disco.

Jeff Tweedy dei Wilco, dopo aver pubblicato con il figlio Spencer il disco Sukierae (dietro il moniker Tweedy), interviene sul Guardian per dire la sua sulla fine del disco. Qualcuno ascolta ancora i dischi come si faceva una volta?, si chiede. E cioè: mantenendo il rituale del passaggio tra un lato e l’altro o, come nel caso dei doppi album, del passaggio da un disco all’altro?

I understand in this day and age there might not be many people who will listen to [the album] that way, but it doesn’t matter – because I want to listen that way. I’m not a curmudgeon, a luddite or anti-modern technology doomsayer. I just want to listen to the album and have a feeling that one part ,has ended, and now I can take a little breather before I listen to the second part. Or I can listen to the second part another time. It’s a double record on vinyl, so there are three breaks like that. I wanted it to have different identities artistically and the album format allows me to do that.

An album is a journey. It has several changes of mood and gear. It invites you into its environment and tells a story. I enjoy albums, and I assume that if I enjoy them there must be others who feel the same.

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