Con le ginocchia nel fango.

Jonathan Jones, critico d’arte del Guardian, non prende benissimo l’idea di alcuni ricercatori del Dipartimento di Archeologia dell’Università di York, di considerare i graffiti dei Sex Pistols al pari delle incisioni rupestri. In un suo intervento, acuto e ironico, Jones prova a capire le cause alla base di questo interesse:

Archaeologists must get sick of kneeling in the rain, mud soaking into their jeans, trying to identify an ancient coin as sceptical farmers look on. They must get fed up of spending years analysing the foundations of a Roman villa, only for all trace of their discovery to be covered up by a road or a housing estate. They try to get their message (that the past is magical) across to a superficial world. They dress up as Vikings to take school groups around a dig. They write books bubbling with matey phrases and contemporary comparisons. But still the relentless juggernaut of stupidity rumbles down the motorway, and archaeologists flip their lids.

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