A futura memoria.

Fatemi fare un po’ il nostalgico. Non cambierei il mio iPhone con niente al mondo, sia chiaro. Ma per chiunque abbia mai avuto un BlackBerry in vita sua, quanto ha scritto Andres Martinez su Zocalo Public Square (ripreso poi da Slate) è da scolpire su pietra e tenere lì, a futura memoria:

The other seismic cultural shift was that intimate two-way communication ceased to be the primary purpose of handheld devices. To this day, no other device can match the Blackberry, with its keyboard, for the ease with which you can pound out a long, thoughtful e-mail. I have written entire articles on a Blackberry, but I am reduced to writing like a second-grader when using the iPhone’s virtual touchscreen keyboard. The iPhone is less about correspondence and authorship than about photos, video, and short tweets. The battle for inches between touchscreen and keyboard has fundamentally altered how we communicate. Twitter’s rise is the natural result of the touchscreen’s triumph. It is hard, after all, to type anything longer than a tweet on an iPhone, not to mention type anything accurately, as acknowledged by those ubiquitous “pardon my typos” disclaimers on e-mail and the zealous autocorrect.

Even friends who mock me for clinging to a Blackberry long after it ceased being cool will admit that the BB is better for e-mail. Then they point out that the iPhone is better for everything else. But to me, that sounds a bit like saying Car X is better than Car Y for everything except getting you from Point A to Point B.

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