Sistemi operativi (e sigarette)

Charlie Brooker, con il suo solito stile irriverente, scrive sul Guardian qualche verità circa la dipendenza che tutti (nessuno escluso) abbiamo col tempo sviluppato nei confronti delle tecnologie, e dell’aggiornamento dei sistemi operativi cui queste tecnologie sono soggette (e noi con loro):

Updates are awful. All you want to do is watch TV and rot in your own filth. Instead you spend the evening backing up your phone, downloading a gigantic file and sitting around while your phone undergoes an intense psychological makeover, at the end of which it may or may not function. Often, it takes an hour or more. Fiddly, time-consuming admin – it’s like having to change the water in a fish tank. I can’t be arsed: it’s why I don’t have an aquarium. I’d rather let the fish die.

But if I hold out, gradually nothing will work on my existing phone. They’ll freeze me out by degrees. Cut me out of the club. Plus I’ll miss out on great features such as slightly different icons and a terrifying new form of predictive text that precisely mimics the sensation of talking to an idiot who keeps finishing your sentences for you. (Either my thumbs have grown clumsier, or predictive text in general has grown a lot more aggressive recently. I can’t type anything without it continually popping up to blurt random words on my behalf – it’s like being in the Beastie Boys.)

Fino al paragone più divertente:

Part of the problem is that smartphones are so horribly addictive, as moreish as smoking. The difference between smartphones and cigarettes is this: a cigarette robs 10 minutes from your lifespan, but at least has the decency to wait and withdraw all that time in bulk as you near the end of your life – whereas a smartphone steals your time in the present moment, by degrees. Five minutes here. Five minutes there. Then you look up and you’re 85 years old.

Proprio mentre da un’altra parte si racconta che un grande vecchio, Leonard Cohen, ha ricominciato a fumare. Aveva promesso che l’avrebbe fatto una volta compiuti gli 80 anni: «È l’età giusta per ricominciare», ha detto. A proposito del fatto che fumare ti ruba la vita ma lo fa tutto insieme, verso la fine.

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