Edificio della settimana – 2


(Anche se non è propriamente un edificio)

Footbridge Ribja brv by Arhitektura d.o.o, Lubiana, Slovenia

Scrive Archdaily:

It is often believed that Plečnik was inspired by Venice and its bridges in his rearrangement of Keller’s concrete river bed of Ljubljanica. What exactly Plečnik had in mind, we do not know today but one thing is certain: due to Plečnik’s interventions the ambience and layout of Ljubljanica riverside has a Venetian flair. As in Venice, Plečnik envisaged and placed several new bridges over the river. Two of them, namely the Triple Bridge and the Shoemakers’ bridge, were realized as public areas, new public spaces, which were liberated from the river and given to the citizens.

(foto: Miran Kambič)