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Mary Beard sulle formule di cortesia che si dovrebbero usare in una email (che non sono poi così tanto diverse da quelle che si usano — o si usavano — nelle lettere tradizionali):

I actually prefer those emails which are exactly as old-fashioned letters would have been: “Dear Mary… Yours, Simon” (I hope Dr Heffer is reading this, because it to you whom I refer, though I rather doubt you are!). I find myself more irritated with those much more email specific locutions, that play too much with the apparent familiarity of the genre.
I, for example, do use “Hi Simon” (though not to Dr Heffer), but sort of hate myself when I do. There’s worse.
I particularly dislike the phrase (sorry to those that I am going to annoy now) that greets many unsolicited email communications, “Dear Mary, I hope this email finds you well…”. Did letters once start like that? Maybe they did, but not any that I used to receive. And it does seem the worst sort of inanity. (On the principle of “nothing is worth saying unless its reverse would be meaningful”, this fails miserably… “I hope this email finds you ill..”?)