Il moderno galateo.


«Inviato da iPhone», la dicitura che chiude le e-mail che ogni giorno migliaia di persone inviano da un device di Apple, da segno elitario e snobistico è diventata una forma di galateo digitale:

Recently, however, the refrain has returned to our correspondence, but those using the sign-off can no longer be accused of not knowing how to switch it off (it’s easy) or gloating (it’s not a big deal). Rather the phrase has become an important part of online decorum. Including the sign off contains an innate apology for the brevity of the message. It begs forgiveness for any spelling or grammatical errors. It allows a little wiggle rooms for errant emojis. It is a nod of acknowledgement that you are on the hoof and doing as well as can be expected.