24 settembre 1996.

And yet because of all of this emotional baggage, the cathartic power of Pinkerton is second to none. While it’s often compared to the Blue Album, Pinkerton bears more similarity to In Utero, a record that also mixed relatively raw alt-rock production, undeniable pop smarts, and a lead singer absolutely freaked the fuck out by fame. But while many sickeningly thought Kurt Cobain’s suicide somehow validated his art, Cuomo’s self-destruction was more quotidian and relatable, struggling with an unbearable need to be loved but a complete inability to realize the need for it to be reciprocated. It’s why Pinkerton isn’t misogynistic so much as confused: “No Other One” classically mistakes hating yourself for loving someone else, and “El Scorcho” reminds that fictional RomCom behavior is actually borderline sociopathic in real life. In fact, the songs most likened to cuddly Blue Album Weezer are the darkest– “The Good Life” is Cuomo at the end of his rope, hysterical at the ridiculousness of his self-loathing, while a single line in “El Scorcho” sums up the core of Pinkerton‘s pain: “I can’t talk about it/ I gotta sing about it and make a record. [*]

La prima volta che ascoltai Pinkerton rimasi a bocca aperta. Lo ascolto, da allora, almeno una volta l’anno, sempre con lo stesso stupore.