Sono di New York.

Oh, L.A. has perfect weather? More like pathetic weather. I’m from New York, where the weather is only nice two days a year, and do you know what we do on those two days? We stay inside and work, because we’re New Yorkers and we’ve got too much stuff to do to care that it’s lovely outside. We only find out that it was nice at the end of the day, when we’re leaving our offices at 9 p.m., and a co-worker says something in the elevator about the weather. Do we feel regret that we missed our chance to experience an actually enjoyable climate? No! We just wish this other person would stop talking to us, so we can escape into the now freezing/scalding/hailing/pit-stain/slush-bucket awful environment that awaits.

Affinità e divergenze tra l’Italia – e qualunque altro luogo al mondo, presumo – e gli Stati Uniti: se da noi la contrapposizione è tra nord e sud, da loro viaggia sull’asse ovest-est.