They do know it’s Christmas.

Nel difendere la scelta di Adele di ignorare totalmente gli inviti di Bob Geldof a partecipare all’ennesiva, nuova, re-incarnazione di Band Aid e della hit Do they know it’s Christmas, Bryony Gordon sul Telegraph scrive delle cose su questo tipo di operazioni che vedono coinvolte persone ricche e famose. Lo fa con un (bel) po’ di cinismo; ma secondo me sono cose molto condivisibili:

[T]he rich and famous donate their precious time, and for this they expect to be celebrated and congratulated, as if before they flashed their expensively whitened teeth in the video for a song, we had no idea that Ebola was a problem, or that thousands of Africans were spending their last days on this earth in unimaginable horror, bleeding from every orifice, unable even to be comforted by their family and loved ones.

“Give us your f***ing money,” was Geldof’s message way back when, and it is his message now – you all dig deep and give up your hard earned cash because these famous people who make millions singing songs have deigned to give up a few hours of their time on a weekend.