Lo scarafaggio Stockhausen

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Mentre digerite i pranzi di Natale e Santo Stefano ascoltando l’intera discografia dei Beatles disponibile in streaming, arrivati al ‘White Album’ vi interesserebbe sapere delle connessioni tra i quattro di Liverpool e Karlheinz Stockhausen. Lo racconta il Guardian, che traccia un parallelismo tra l’opera del compositore tedesco Hymnen e Revolution 9:

Only a few months after Stockhausen completed Hymnen, the Beatles were working on their White Album. In June 1968, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, with a little help from George Harrison, made what Beatles writer Ian MacDonald described as “the world’s most widely distributed avant-garde artefact”: “Revolution 9”. The band had acknowledged Stockhausen’s work by including him in the gathering on the cover of Sgt Pepper’s. Lennon had telephoned him a few times and a meeting was planned. There are strong connections betweenHymnen and Revolution 9: the intoning of the number nine, recordings of waves of noisy crowds, the calling of magic names – Lennon’s and Harrison’s magic names are popular ballroom dances, “the Watusi” and “the Twist”, along with random snippets probably from a newspaper: “economically viable”, “industrial output”, “financial imbalance”. Both Hymnen and Revolution 9 were recorded using a four-track tape machine, the cutting-edge audio technology of the time. This eight-minute collage presents a snapshot of the end of the 60s and its presence on a Beatles LP brought the avant garde into millions of homes.